What’s It Like Being A Twin…….Are You Telepathic?

Today I got the same old question, what’s it like being a twin? Can you read each others thoughts? Are you telepathic?

Well to answer the question, where do we start. Being a twin is not something you really think about until that question is asked and so many times  we have said, ‘It’s all we know.’

All we know is being part of a set, like a salt and pepper shaker, one doesn’t come without the other, one doesn’t leave without their presence being noticed gone. We have never known what it’s like to not have each other, we are so intertwined our personalities cross, our manners are mimicked in each other and other voices are identical. Without each other we are not sure we know what life would be like or whether we would be the same people we are today, and we are not in a hurry to find out as being a twin has defined us.

We love the fact our minds work alike, yes we can almost read each other’s mind but that comes with knowing someone so in-depth that you can read them like an open book. Without each other we feel half a person. Having a twin is like having a best friend who is always there for you, having someone who even when they hate you they love you. Having a twin is having the one person who can make you smile without even having to say a word, being a twin is the best feeling in the world, without each other we would not know who we were. But as I said before it all comes back to never knowing another way of life, but we wouldn’t choose another way as being twins suits us just fine.

I have met twins who  don’t experience the same connection me and my sister have, many come to dislike  each other or have their own group of friends they hang out with. But us, we have always been and most likely will always be inseparable. I don’t know why this is, why some twins disconnect yet others are so close.

Most twins get split up in schools to make them interact with other children as twins can have a tendency to depend on each other and create their own world with their own language.

I think over time as people grow up and evolve, some people do not like having someone so similar to them, maybe it makes them feel like their unique, often I meet twins so unlike each other as they go out their way to prove that they are their own person, making their own individual mark on the world, often I have heard of competitiveness and jealously between twins.

With me and my sister this is not the case, our sameness is our uniqueness!! and everyone who meets us says even though how similar we are how different we are at the same time! We have managed to have a nice balance, we don’t feel the need to wear the same, and obsessively be similar, but we like our similarities and embrace our differences!

At school we were separated but every break we would play with each other, anyone who was one of our friends had to be both. Not to say we don’t have work friends, but in general our closet friends are the same, are best friends are pretty much identical.

We did try having our own rooms in our teenage years but it was the most miserable thing not having each other around, we felt bored, we are in ways each others entertainment. Now we rent separately but see each other about 3 times a week, text and ring each other non stop and Facebook each other constantly. We never feel like we aren’t our own person as we are both individuals in our own right, but in the end we know we are twins and we love being part of each other.

I hope above clears up some questions, yet if you have any more never hesitate to ask and we’ll try to answer as honestly as we can.


Is blood thicker than water?

Is blood thicker than water?

This question is one that I was contemplating on Mother’s Day, the day of the year that we celebrate our blood relative, a day we show our mothers that they mean the world to us, that without them we wouldn’t be half the person that we have turned out to be.

I love my mother more than any words could express, but what happens when you don’t, when your mother is more a pain than a blessing, should we celebrate them too? Do mothers deserve to have love bestowed upon them when all they have done is make your life difficult and hellish. What do you celebrate then?

Well I say celebrate the love of friendship, of the people who have been closer to a mother to you than your own mother could be, because in my eyes blood is not always thicker than water.

Blood relatives are people you are told to love no matter what they say or do, but should we really love them when all they do is cause pain! Should you always put yourself out there when all they do is put you down. People say blood is thicker than water, that the bonds of family can never be broken, but to me that is a statement made by niave  people who have never known hardship in the family, who have never had promises and dreams broken by the people they hold dearest, who have never been let down by the people that they depend on the most.

Blood is meant to love you whether you succeed or fail, whether you stumble or you fall, in your glory and your downfalls, whether you make mistakes to regret! Blood is meant to be unbreakable.

But to me family like friends are breakable, blood doesn’t give you the right to be and do the unspeakable.

So to all those people yesterday who never had a mother to celebrate with, I say celebrate it again with the person who has been most like a mother to you, or celebrate with a friend whose been there for you through everything, as Mother’s Day is a day for mothers but ‘Mother’ is just a title that not all people can live up to and not all people deserve.

Being a mother is not just giving birth to someone, it is taking all the extras that come with it. Being a mother is being someone like my mum, who no matter what in my life and my sister’s life has been there in the good and the bad. Who have never asked for anything but has given and given, she is selfless, she makes sure we’re happy before she is. She would give everything just to make you smile.

I have never been able to give my mum what what she truly deserves as nothing could ever compare, I want to show her how much I love her but words can never express or quantify, but to me a mum is being there in the bad times with you and celebrating in the good.

I love you MUM.

Is patience a virtue ….. agree to disagree

Hi Peeps,

I came to thinking last night of my patience levels as I have come to notice I have become snappier, sadly true but one must face the reality!! I am impatient.

Now some people say that patience is a virtue and that impatience is ugly, but who said impatient was a bad quality!!

To me impatient means that I hate waiting in line at a club, it means I want to get a job done, faster, quicker, find more efficient ways to utilise my time. It means I don’t have time for time wasters, or time for games, time for men to mess me around or time to lose in love!

Why is it deemed so! I demand for someone to tell me why impatient is a bad thing!

Time comes and it goes, like sand through your fingers, it slides through the cracks and before you know it it’s gone before you’ve even looked back.

To me impatience can be your virtue!! As in the end to me it means just getting things done faster, quicker and getting to your goal sooner, now is that really a bad thing. I see impatient people as do’ers, as moving cars on the highroad of life!!!

I am a do’er!

Metro_Don’t Make Me Hate You

Hi peeps,

I had to share this little Golden Nugget with you that made me angry on my train journey today. Apart from squeezing myself into corners fit for baby pigs and breathing so hard I might cave in, I managed to read as you do (no-one will stop me reading my Metro, whether I have to read it so near my eyes I go blind) a certain article in the Metro about how unemployment in The City has gone down and although there may be lesser jobs (no shit Sherlock), It said that the bright side to this situation is  ………..

people are now taking jobs at lower pay grades and willing to travel further to work or even work away from home in the week!!!

Now beg your pardon, but that doesn’t sound like a bunch of flowers and an all expenses paid holiday, rather a kick in the teeth for all hard-working and well-educated people. Oh YES! I have always wanted to leave university with my huge amount of debt to work in a lower wage job, 100 miles from where I live! what a dream! What a dream for working families to work away from home and never be there to tuck their kids in at night, but let the nanny slowly replace their existence, fab! I don’t think so! I think the Metro need to be more careful about who they interview and what they place in their pages!

I have struggled in the recession to be paid a decent wage and to land a decent job, and I am no slacker I have had some dodgy jobs to fill the gaps!! To then be told theres a silver lining, in the fact I have to take a pay cut, to take on often more work for a smaller wage, or take a job that does not challenge you but kills brain cells,  makes me want to hurl my Metro down the carriage without a second glance, not even a sneaky peek back to read that celebrity gossip that I secretly love to read but pretend not too!

Shape up or ELSE!!!…..

Well Howdy

Howdy to all, men, women, all species of man kind.

Not really sure how to start off a blog, what’s acceptable/? It’s like choosing the end sign off of on a letter, do you say sincerely, yours or best. What is the adequate way to start off, though as this is my blog I can start of any way I wish but I feel i owe you something grand, something spectacular, but alas I am not witty or smart enough so I’ll just go with hi.

Hi i think is a good way to start as it’s like almost like saying hi come into my world, sometimes I think ‘hi’ should have a question mark attached to it as I always feel like in London hi is almost a secret word for how are you. I say hi and in my mind my hi is like a greeting of hi and what’s up. I think this is an english thing or a me thing but sometimes to me hi is allot more than just hi, hi is a conversation starter. I never say hi without how are you straight after, it’s like pooing, you can never poo without weeing, and you cannot say hi without saying how are you. Now I know your all gonna try to poo without peeing, I did when my bf let this bombshell drop, I really try sometimes to not pee when pooing just to prove him wrong, but every time I fail. Damn him and his all knowingness.

I have to tell you my bf is pretty spectacular at being right allot which really vexes me, yes I just said vex like I am 16 trying to be cool as we all tried to be cool when we were teenagers, don’t try to say you did not I know you did.

Anyway ‘Hi’ to all and welcome to my domain…….