Missing My twin! So in memory of my twin in Aus, re-blogging my blog . I love u barnie!

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Today I got the same old question, what’s it like being a twin? Can you read each others thoughts? Are you telepathic?

Well to answer the question, where do we start. Being a twin is not something you really think about until that question is asked and so many times  we have said, ‘It’s all we know.’

All we know is being part of a set, like a salt and pepper shaker, one doesn’t come without the other, one doesn’t leave without their presence being noticed gone. We have never known what it’s like to not have each other, we are so intertwined our personalities cross, our manners are mimicked in each other and other voices are identical. Without each other we are not sure we know what life would be like or whether we would be the same people we are today, and we are not in a hurry…

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The Whitsundays

Arlie Beach and the Whitsunday’s- It is 8.35pm and Heather and I are waiting for the Greyhound bus to Airlie Beach, it is a whooping 13 hr coach journey! We stayed in Hervey Bay last night and spent the day walking around. It appears Hervey Bay has absolutely nothing to do! Heather and I walked about 8 miles and came across a hair salon and one cafe, although there is a lot of parks and playgrounds just with no one in! It’s a bit like a
aftermath of a necular scare. So we just came to the conclusion that Hervey bay must be like Eastbourne, gods waiting room, full of the retired and the old. Or maybe as we did see some ridiculous sized houses it is the holidays homes of Australia’s richest. We walked along the beach, the tide was very far out and all the jellyfish were washed up on the shore, it wasn’t as nice as some of the other beaches we seen so I didn’t take a photo. Although Hervey Bay is zombie town, the plus was our hostel, flashpackers, by far the nicest hostel yet, it had a cinema room, a great shower and there were two pillows, yes that’s right people, my ruler of luxury is now measured in pillow quantity and plug socket availability, and what really makes a hostel experience super special is free breakfast, although no one ever offers anything but muesli and toast, so being gluten free I don’t have it, but it’s the thought that counts. Ok guys so we reached Airlie Beach, we had a slight set back, that I left my wallet on the bus, so clever me, thinking I had done so well not to lose anything! I should not think these things to tempt fate! Got to our hostel which is surrounded by road works, not great I remained positive. My first mission was hike to a bank to get me some money as I left it all on the bus, I had to walk 4km in the shearing heat in jellies, so not practical shoes. Uphill then downhill to reach the bank, I was so happy it was so near! (insert sarcasm). Fortunately the women let me withdraw money or I would I’d had to resorted to bank robbery, desperate times= criminal activity, standard. Then I hiked it back over the hill. It actually had some pretty views but the sweat falling in my face was distracting me! When I got to the bottom and met Heather, she found my beet root face amusing! I wanted to cry. Combined with the 8 mile walk in Hervey Bay in my unpractical shoes ( coz my trainers are at at the bottom of my case and that’s to much effort to retrieve them) my feet are actually bleeding. I have five plasters on my feet, if my feet weren’t attractive before, there’s no hope for them now! Apart from my joyful walk me and Heather went and did our usual of checking out the supermarket and then went to lay by the Lagoon which was very nice, we get bored pretty quickly sunbathing so we went for a walk! But I promise u this was more of a meander around the marina with all the spanky boats. Today is our last day as we head to our last stop Cairns tomorrow, just a 10 hour coach journey! We did a boat tour on The Big Fury today, a little boat company that took us to Whitehaven beach (part of the Whitsunday islands) then to the reef to snorkel, the trip even included lunch and then doughnuts and cookies at the end, it was 99 dollars, I thought it was great value for money as your basically out all day, and the driver and commentator were lovely!. Whitehaven beach is amazing, it is the nicest beach I have ever scene, the sand is beautiful and soft and the sea is so clear and sparkly! There are 78 beaches in the Whitsunday’s and only 7 that are inhabitable, one of them we passed was Haven beach, a luxury resort that cost $600-$3000 a night! James Cook named it the Whitsunday’s in 1770 when he passed through but it was actually a Monday as he didn’t take in the time difference! Silly billy. Anyway it was amazing, I went snorkelling but the visibility wasn’t amazing so hopefully cairns will be amaze balls and I can adorn another stinger suit for snorkelling as they are well fit!

Fraser Island Fun

Hey family and friends, I am now back on the greyhound bus, post Fraser Island fun heading to Hervey Bay! Fraser Island was fantastic, Heather and I, despite Dingos and dirt had great time. We headed to Rainbow Beach, where we picked up our 4wd for the tour. When we arrived we had to have a briefing and then we were put into our groups that we would be in on the Island and who we would be sharing a 4 wheel drive with. I think we were very lucky and ended up in a really good group, three northern lads, they were friends from uni, Robin who was the youngest from Germany, Marie (Irish) and Lisa (welsh). All of us got on really well. Those who wanted got the chance to drive the 4WD, which was amazing, Fraser Island is massive so u could drive @ 90mph! Safety first of course! We were camped on the Island for three days which is reached by ferry from Rainbow Beach. It’s the largest sand island in the world! The first day we headed to Lake Mackenzie, it was hot and the water was lovely too, all the groups laid on the beach. I got attacked by the biggest flies in the world! I totally forgot about spiders, the flies are really what did my head in, they are everywhere, they have no shame, they sit on u and prance around on all your food! That day we also saw a ship wreck, I am sure there was a completely interesting story about pirates and lost treasure but I forgot, it was a pretty impressive ship wreck though. After our scenic and bumpy ride, we headed to camp, that night I drank Goon. Goon basically is the cheapest wine, 4.4L for 12 dollars! you know when u see the sheer quantity and the ridiculously low price that its got Hangover, plus vomiting and thoughts of doom written all over it! Heather and I only had 2 glasses and we were drunk! Marie and I got the iPod out and were busting shapes on the floor at 8.30pm, I think we scared the Dingos off at least. I felt rotten the next morning, everyone was feeling a tad sorry for themselves, especially when we were told we were walking up to Indian head, hangover + cliff, not sure the tour guide was thinking this one few. It was quite a steep climb to Indian head, looking back now as I sit and write about it, it was beautiful, but at the time, Goon was obscuring my judgement and throwing myself head first into the water seemed a better idea then hiking down the cliff again. But we all made it, hooray, then we went to a creek. We went to the top and swam down, you could collect fresh water from it to drink, which was good as our water seemed to deplete so quickly, I was in a constant state of thirst. We also went to Champagne pools which was a small beach where the sea came in splashing over the rocks creating a pooling effect, I fell over a lot as the water came crashing over, elegant as always! I think I have all this in the right order, then that night Heather and I went to sleep early as we were abit tired! I keeping waking up at 5am, annoying.Com. The next day we headed to Wabby Creek which was a forty minute trek to get to first of all, our group were the slowest in walking up there as we were so tired from dehydration and goon, plus we stopped at possibly the most disgusting toilets in the world which I insisted everyone have a sniff off (what nightmares are made off). Wabby creek was lovely, it was a shame to be heading home after that, but I was feeling pretty grimy as the camp showers were rank, Heather and I had never been so excited to shower and wash our clothes than ever before! That night back at Dingos our hostel on Rainbow Beach, we immersed ourselves in hostel games, which involved me sitting on a stool with shaving foam on my head, as people threw cheesy puffs at me! All in the name of fun! Heather has the cheesy puff photos, I look fetching. It was a fun night. Fraser Island was amazing, I just wish my egg was there to make it perfect! />








Surfers paradise

Surfers Paradise. So we’re on our way to Surfers Paradise, which alone has a amazing name for a town to be called! Better than Crewe, stoke on trent or Huddersfield, images of bronzed bodies surfing and sunbathing, sounds immense. The coach is driving us through some really beautiful towns! Houses with yachts at the back, not jealous. We have been told Surfers is basically the Blackpool of Australia! And it School leavers season from November to December (schoolies aka toolies) so basically like the Americans who flock for spring break to cancun, Australians flock to the Gold Coast and Surfers, mainly just to get pissed. We are only staying two nights so we intend find some good clubs and immerse ourselves in the tacky epi-centre. Ill let u know how it goes. We’re almost at Surfers now, we have to set our clock back a hour as Queensland and Brisbane have a hour time difference, it’s so weird we travelled a hour up the road and there is a time difference! Australia is massive! Hopefully this Hostel is as good as the others, Nomads in Byron was good but the electric hobs in the kitchen were shocking, Xmas nearly came round by the time it had cooked my omelette, Heather wasn’t impressed, I think that was a combination of the length of time and the Prospect of half cooked omelette for dinner two nights in a row. So first night in Surfers down, it’s our last day, not here for long! So yesterday we went to the beach and the sand is beautiful! despite the beautiful coast the actual town centre might as well be Magaluf or Blackpool, it’s full of teenagers and fast food joints, the only thing do do is drink and sunbathe, so that’s exactly what we did. Got down to the same old dance tracks that seem to have on repeat in every club, all was alright after a few vodkas. Made friends with Felicity in our dorm, so we had pre drinks of 10 dollar wine, so I really felt footloose on the dance floor, it was a good night! Today I went surfing, I am still getting down the standing up, I managed to get up now, I plan to get better, despite getting knocked out half the time by the waves, it’s good fun, I promise! Relaxing tonight as up at half six for a seven hour bus journey. Me and my kindle will become one. Night night for now.




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The parents of the kids who died in the house blaze which they are now arrested for, how is it that they can have kids and then there are people out in the world who try to no avail, how is it fair? I have come to think that in the world maybe some people should just not be allowed to have children. Maybe there should be an exam to pass, a test to sit before your allowed to procreate. Do you ever sit back and think ‘Am I a good candidate to have kids?’ whether you’re up to the ever demanding life of motherhood. There’s no degree in mastering child rearing and bearing, having children is free, there are no stipulations but does that mean everyone should be allowed to have children here there and everywhere?

“Are some people just too selfish or too uneducated to be allowed to parent?”

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Byron Bay frolics

Hey guys saying hi from Byron Bay, it was only a 12 hr coach journey! We travelled through wee outback towns and beautiful scenery and ended up on the coastal town of Byron. Byron is actually quite a small town but people seem to love it here, my boyfriend is a big fan and people who head here for a few days end up staying months. Apart from my initial thought that it’s really small, I think byron bay is lovely, the beach is massive, it goes in further than the wee eye can see. Heather and I yet again put our walking shoes on, as u know how much we love walking, and we went up towards the Lighthouse in Byron bay, along this walk is a bit if land and rocks that protrude out and this is the most Easternly point in Australia. So naturally I clambered or skillfully navigated, I like to think, and perched myself for a pic on the rocks, feeling very much like Chris Columbus, I swear I would of been a fantastic explorer. When we reached the lighthouse, after eating skittles and chocolate, we decided we deserved ice cream, naturally. The ice cream was scrummy, I had mars bar flavour and Belgium chocolate. After our walk back down and stripping off due to perspiration we decided it was time for beach bumming, we went and laid on Byron beach again, like we did the previous day! We scoured the beach for a non windy section where the wind wouldn’t whip us with sand. We found a great spot at the far right end of the beach, the view and the sea is beautiful! We went out for dinner last night as it was our treat day and ate at St Elmos a Spanish tapas place in the edge of Lawson road next to our hostel, it was very nice, in the pricey end but definitely worth It! Tonight we are waiting to venture out, its is raining buckets, thunder and lightening so trying to wait it out! In the end the thunder and rain didn’t cease last night so wild as we are, we headed out anyway, cheeky monkies which we went to the previous night wasn’t really our bag as we couldn’t afford to drink the required amount that staying there would of required! they had the same track on loop and after the fifteenth dance track, not drunk, it’s time to call it a night, one can only do so much bobbing to dance tunes and ‘I walked 10 thousand miles.’ We did have fun, made a few friends, saw Tim who was at our hostel in Blue mountains. Danced on tables and I fell off , naturally! So anyway baring in mind Cheeky Monkies was a bit dubious, we indulged and headed to the Balcony for cocktails that cost enough to feed a African child for year. We planned to only stay for one but then the waiter brought over champagne that some guys at the bar brought us and we ended up having a whole night out curtsy of these gentlemen, it was all platonic, so we meet them again today at the Beach hotel which is a very cool bar for a drink, then headed to Balcony again for a coffee martini, which is as horrible as it sounds! But I drank it of course! We left them after the Balcony and had ice cream and now we are in bed looking forward to the next part of our trip to Surfers paradise!







Heading to Byron Bay

So It our last night in Port Stephens, I am sitting in my bed in my cabin thinking of the torturous coach journey to Byron Bay tomorrow, 10 hours! So Port Stehens has hardly been rock and roll, the most rock and roll thing we did was finish of the massive tub of ice cream till the point we felt sick. We cycled, we watched DVDs, we repacked our luggage, hold on I hear you say, your having way to much fun! To be honest we have enjoyed the piece and quiet, it’s like a lovely country retreat, the hostel is great, the owner gave me free eggs this morning and Heather and I a lift to Nelsons bay. The furthest we went so far is to the Anna Bay shops on the bicycles so this was a adventure. We decided as it was cloudy and rainy (and I burnt my back yesterday) to go dolphin watching. The dolphin watching itself was really great, one day I need to swim with them. There was lots of Japanese on the boat so we literally had to elbow people out the way to get a good spot, they had their cameras out oohing and arghing (loudly) running frantically from one side off the boat to the other to get good shots, one point they were taking photos of the seagulls! I think if I showed them a crusty toenail they would of oohed and photographed it. Anyway it was really good, only 23 dollars, after me and Hev were going to get ice cream, but the rain kinda made us rethink, so we went for mud cake and hot chocolate. I brought some expensive sunglasses, then we headed back for the bus, while waiting for the bus, Heather pointed out all my grey hairs, so now I feel just super about heading to party with a million 18 yr olds in Byron bay! When we got back to the hostel a party of ten had booked in, they were English too, bonus as the French lot aren’t that sociable, it’s like trying to draw blood from a stone. Anyway they were very nice, all on a tour together so they commenced drinking games whilst heather and I sat down to watch Notting hill, rock and roll, I told you! No joke I actually love that film., it gives me such a warm fuzzy glow! The group did kindly offer us to join in their game of ‘ have u ever’ but when some guy said ‘ have u ever had a std’ it was downhill from there, no way I want twelve strangers knowing what I would blush even telling my doctor! Then they fancied skinny dipping because if u haven’t done it you haven’t lived! At this point I thought bed time! not really bothered about looking boring, I was just happy from the warm glow of Hugh grant and Julia Roberts!




Port Stephens

Hey peeps we are traveling back from the blue mountains, back on Sydney’s finest train (dubious) to central station. The Blue Mountains was beautiful, Heather and I did the walk yesterday basically a near death experience. We decided to do the Prince Henry cliff walk starting from scenic world, now if u ever go to the blue mountains the signs stating how long the walk is not true, I think they just had a good guess! We did the first walk, which stated like 2 hours, apparently I later discovered those signs are for the old and disabled, I suppose we don’t want to make them Feel bad than they already do! The second walk to Leura we were more confident in, we did make several chocolate and bench stops. ….. Vital! By the time we reached the top of Leura cascades we were tired! I swear my feet were bleeding, Heather and I had become mute, talking required effort which was clearly being needed elsewhere. As non hard core walkers, strolling around Battersea park is basically a hike, we decided it’d be best for us, mainly our souls to head back to the hostel. I swear the walk back was longer, it felt it, then the hill in town (steep incline honest) we nearly past out at the top, but no fear people, we made it back to the Hostel, close shave, no cpr skills needed, fortunately as I had no energy to save anyone’s life. We never enjoyed sitting down so much in our whole life. So Blue Mountains, tick, done, Kaboosh. Most people I reckon could just go view it from several lookout points on the clifftop and then be done as despite it being beautiful, there’s only so many angles u can look at the same rock! Anyway when we got back to hostel we had dinner, I ate my weight in chocolate and sweets, then we decided to join in a social time, (you can’t eat the chocolate then leave). there’s no technology allowed between 6 and 10, so after abandoning snap and the puzzle the next best option was actually to talk to people! Despite our initial reservations about ‘social Time’ we did meet some nice people and have fun, Tim was 18 and from Holland, the most English sounding Dutch person ever! Then a dude from South Africa, he taught me (I tried) to juggle, he was like crocodile Dundee, he picked up every instrument and could play! Tammy and Elizabeth from America, some guy from Berlin and a kiwi couple. See I socialised loads, maybe that’s my quota for the month, good job tomorrow’s a beach day I need it! So on our way to Port Stephens as I mentioned, the next hostel has a lot to match, it’s actually a pet sanctuary, trip advisor says there’s lots of spiders. Heather might not sleep for the entire stay! So we reached Port Stephens, it seemed like we drove through the middle nowhere, lots of fields and trees. When we got to our hostel it appeared to be shrouded in foliage. Our first greeting was From a baby joey! It’s actually a pet sanctuary here and the owners heal animals then put them back in the wild. Our room is a cabin, only issue is there’s no lock for the door, last night Heather barricaded us in with her belts, just in case there’s any chance serial killers or the baby Joey fancied a snuggle! So on our second day here in Port Stephens we headed to the beach, literally a two minute walk. One Mile Beach. obviously we needed to relax from all this hard work! The beach was lovely, nice and quiet, literally laid down for a few hours, we were going to head to Samurai beach, u can see it from One Mile Beach but we were to lazy to move. That’s pretty much my day, tomorrow we’re being more active, heading to Nelsons bay to dolphin watch. href=”https://barnical.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/20121113-191212.jpg”>20121113-191212.jpg