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So in Vietnam I was a millionaire, 1 million dong is approx 30 quid, I found that funny! I really loved Saigon, it is definitely one of my favourite places during the trip, this was probably down to the great tours I did, the people I met and the cool bars and amazing food. I ended up in Saigon for two nights then travelled up to Hue and Hoi an, then I travelled back to Saigon for another night because I could and again I had a great time, it is holiday right, I can do whatever I want.
The two tours I did were Mekong River Tour and the Chu Chu Tunnel tour. The Chu Chu tunnel tour was defo my favourite, I love history and I got to be totally bad ass and shoot a M16 gun! The bullets are expensive, I paid 17 dollar for 10 but I really felt it enhanced the experience, plus the tour guide was great, his English was superb and he recommended the M16 over the AK47 as he said apart from the AK47 being really powerful and can hurt with the force it fires at, he said the bullets fire out in 10seconds, therefore the M16 is better value for money, which is nice of him to be honest. All the tours are out of the city so be prepared for a hour or so bus ride to the locations.

I stayed in the backpackers district, which was District 1, there was plenty of bars and restaurants and street food to keep everyone of different budgets happy. The baguettes on the street in Saigon were delicious! The rolls were so soft and fluffy, and only 15000 dong.
I mingled with people at my hostel bar, met some really nice travellers, everyone is so transient, the next night was a complete set of different people, it was fab. Very friendly vibe here.
I Left Saigon very hungover and the hostel booked me a taxi to the airport, here I caught my cheap as chips flight via Jet star to Hue. With my time constraints I decided to fly, not very backpacker of me but it saved me lots of time! Unfortunately I can’t tell you much of Hue as I had to spend the day arranging stuff for my next steps, but I dined in a great cafe and had some really delicious food. I stayed at a typical backpackers place, it was very clean and tidy with a nice veranda for sitting out on in the eveing. My main reason of coming here was to do the tour on motorbike from Hue to Hoi An, Top Gear eat your heart out. I booked a easy rider bike and it cost 60 usd for the day. My driver was MrTy (, This by far was one of the most epic points of my trip, where I felt completely free and in love with life and Asia.
Many people ride motorcycles themselves and  if I rode I would, but I quite enjoyed having the company and being able to totally relax into enjoying the stunning scenery around me. The day went so quickly because I was having so much fun, MrTy stopped in all the places that us tourists visit, American bunkers from the war, waterfalls, caves and beaches, for lunch we stopped right at the seafront where I picked my food from fresh, I had barbecue shrimp with a noodle and mixed seafood dish for 70,000 dong, It was a beautiful place to sit and eat. As I was travelling alone MrTy was very sweet and always offering to take a picture for me, his kindness was actually overwhelming, he couldn’t do enough for me. When we got to Hoi An he dropped me outside his friends tailors, I wasn’t going to buy anything but I came away with quite a … bit oops!
The tailors were fab, I got recommended several other tailors by people but I couldn’t be bothered trekking around as I am sure they all do pretty efficient jobs, my tailor was TUONG, 67 Tran Hung Dao St. they had catalogues for you to choose from but what I did was choose pictures that I had found from online, I got them to make me a wool coat from a picture on Asos and two copies of designer dresses, then next door they had a shoe shop run by the same family, they knocked me up two pairs of leather boots, I was more than impressed with the quality and the service, these tailors can knock you up a coat in 4 hours if you need it, I explained to them I was leaving early the next day and they did all my stuff by 9pm that night, even including a quick last fitting to make adjustments. I wish I could get all my clothes made! So I left with a extra heavy backpack, clever me.
Hoi an had such a great vibe, after walking around in circles l soon realised it wasn’t that hard to navigate, the markets at night are great, the food stalls I loved the most, between the markets is a little food hall where loads people have set up street food stalls, I went and ate in there for 30,000 Dong (1.5 Usd) that included dinner and a beer! The lady told me to put this chilli sauce on my food which gave it some extra kick. I got a yummy doughnut off a stall lady for my dessert, food is great here in Vietnam, I think I could easily outgrow my trousers here. Here I stayed very near the centre in Hostel Backpackers, it was a nice little hostel with a small communal area at the front, from here I managed to book a taxi to take me to the airport for my flight back to Saigon.
On my return to Saigon I decided to stay at Kohi Hostel which was just down the road from Hideout Hostel on Pham Nag Lao in the backpackers district, this time I got a bus from the airport which was easy enough and only cost 12,000 dong, 6,000 for you and 6,000 for your case, the bus stop is just outside on your right and leaves regularly. I decided to stay at Kohi hostel so I could have a quieter affair, but alas I do not think that is possible in Saigon or just possible for ME! The hostel was by far the nicest I have been in so far, the bathrooms were pretty standard but the rooms were so clean and spacious with free toothbrushes and soap, the lady even greeted you on check in with a banana and water, she was also super helpful, mapping out places to go and where best to exchange money. The communal area was a good size, this enabled lots of socialising. The hostel itself is just by a market down a little side street so it made it feel like a home, really authentic and cute. As soon as I got there I acquired a Australian friend, we both decided to be proactive with our day and go walk the city, the museum was apparently a 40 minute walk, we left at 10am and due to our lazy meandering, stopping for drinks, chatting, we made it there about 3pm. The museum is worth a visit, it doesn’t give much info about the war itself, it mainly focuses on what the toxic chemicals the Americans dropped had on the vietenmese people, then and now still to this day, well worth a visit, yet again, more sad history. In the evening a group of us played cards, drank and listened to music, it was a fab day and I met some fab people, yet again I was leaving Saigon the next morning with a hangover!



My Southeast Asia adventure

I am a massive fan of Asia, having visited Thailand several times and Myanmar, I decided it was time to have a taste of other parts of Southeast Asia. In a rather ambitious trip. I decided to visit Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, my plan was to end with the Gibbon experience in Huay Xai in Laos. I brought my backpack and my bumbag, all set with my Lonely planet and my plane ticket, I set off for Siem Reap, Cambodia. I decided I didn’t want to be tied to any place so I didn’t book hostels or transport, travelling Asia people tend to change their plans all the time. Here is my blog covering my month trip which I must say has been one of the best holidays of my life, the people, the places, the freedom is so intoxicating. As a treat to myself I flew BA to Bangkok, direct flight, big spender hey, I arrived in Cambodia with no problems and found my hotel very easily. I thought I had booked a hostel but it was evident when I got there it was a hotel, probably should have read that In the title, Bopha hotel, having an obvious sponge brain moment. As a lone traveller, in aim to met more people my aim was to stay at hostels, but this first stop in a hotel worked out well, very nice hotel for very cheap. Great shower (which later would be appreciated more) and fantastic staff. This holiday is no slacking, I have a ton of bus journeys between places, no rest for the wicked, so I arrived Siem Reap about 8am. I dumped my stuff at the hotel, checked in, then I got a tuk tuk from outside the hotel, for about 20 usd he was my tuk tuk driver for the whole day. I did a temple route which he showed me on his map, I expected to be in awe of the temples as seen as it is the 7th wonder of the world and honestly I was! The temples are breathtakingly beautiful, if you are agile enough and can climb, you can get some great shots. Every temple was more beautiful then the next, my favourite was Angkor Thom. The heat was intense so take sunscreen, being a Buddhist place, I fully covered up unlike some other bum wriggling tourists I saw, therefore I was sweating and roasting but respectful. I immediately brought some typical pants they sell westerners, outside Angkor wat for 3 usds, they were a staple for the entire trip, I don’t think I even unpacked other stuff from my case! In the evening my tuk tuk driver recommended a traditional dance show, I paid 12 usd and had an all you can eat buffet and watched some traditional dance. It was lovely to feel like you are seeing some Cambodian culture, I had my first Cambodian beer so after an initial thought of an early a night I rejected that and I took myself to Pub street. Famous street where people go to drink and party. Someone from the traditional dinner place, a Malaysian guy recognised me and invited me to drink with them so I did, a few beers later I had befriended a group of English guys and from there the night was epic dance moves and shots of anything! The next day in Siem Reap was a bit of a write off due to my hangover, ashamed to say it but I meandered around a bit then relaxed in my hotel room, the evening I went and had dinner at a nearby cafe, then I got my backpack and checked out for my night bus to Phomn Penh. A short but sweet stay in Siem Reap. The bus journey to Pnomh penh included the worst road ever! I did not get an ounce of sleep as the roads are pretty bad between the two cities. Here I checked into a hostel called Mad Monkey, a proper backpackers place with nice clean rooms and a bar and restaurant. The place had plenty of tuk tuks outside but be careful as some guys got ripped off. I rented a tuk tuk for the day and the guy did it for a reasonable price, he took me to the killing fields and the museum, both these things are highly recommended to do, really sobering and give you an idea of the Cambodian past, which is very sad. The killing fields are mass graves and it is very so bearing, you can rent a tour guide or take an audio and go at your own pace which is what I did, gives you plenty of time to sit and reflect. The museum is where prisoner were held and tortured, this was pretty sad too, interestingly they had survivors selling their books, I recommend speaking to them and buying their books, Inspiring people with tremulously sad stories, lots of people left here crying including me. I had to sit for a while after and think about how lucky I am in a world where there is such cruelty. In the evening I met other backpackers down in the hostel bar, I joined in a few drinking games then headed to a few bars. I was pretty tired and still fresh from my Siem reap hangover so I made it back to my hostel earlier than most. The next day in Phonm penh, pandemonium seemed to have been released, the water party was commencing and millions of people were heading to Phonm penh, I walked around the town and decided it was far to many people for my liking and I found some other guys in my hostel and we paid a private taxi to take us to Sihanoukville, bit extravagant but all the buses and normal taxis were booked out as other tourists were getting out too! The taxi drive wasn’t to bad bar the road traffic accident we drove past, we arrived in sihanouckville 4 and half hours later and headed to Occuctreal beach, due to all hostels on Otres beach being fully booked because of the water festival holiday. Sihanouckville was a party place, a tame version of Koh Phi Phi, it was far to touristy for my liking, many people travelled over to Koh Rong for a more tranquil experience. If partying is what you want then go ahead but I thought It was a bit to much of what I have seen before, I stayed 2 nights and that was plenty, I did meet some lovely people who made the experience fun, the bar Utopia was probably the highlight with its cheap as chips beer and relaxed vibe for meeting other travellers. After partying I decided to head to Kampot and Kep. I had read about it in the Lonely planet and this town sounded so lovely, quaint and quiet, a more Cambodian atmosphere. I travelled by bus, it cost nothing like most buses in Asia, and took about 4 and half hours if I remember correctly, I got a super early bus at 7am, well they made me get up at 6am to wait but like most drivers he was late and arrived around 7.15am. I stayed at Captain Chims Guesthouse, which isn’t directly on the river but there are many guest houses that are and were probably more lively than mine. Captian Chim’s had just opened so I was one of a few guests, the dorms have no door which was annoying, especially with no lockers but if you provide him feedback I think he planned on making adjustments. I quite enjoyed the peace and quiet and I got a tuk tuk who took me around for the day. I went via Tuk Tuk to Tek Chhouu Falls, it was really pretty, due to the water festival it was very busy. People where playing and swimming in the falls, there was café and restaurants along the river, if you walk further up the hill you can come further along the waterfalls and there are restaurants on the falls edges, for 12 half dollars you could order enough for 3-4 people, sharing platters of amazing sea foods and various other dishes, the squid looked great. I literally was the only westerner there so I didn’t attempt to get my bikini body out, I just pulled up my trouser legs and went and sat on a rock in the falls for about 20 minutes, some Cambodians lads came and gave me a beer, this was very nice, we exchanged names and they even offered me to come eat with them, my tuk tuk driver was waiting so I drank my beer and headed back. The tuk tuk driver then drove me to Kep, it took about an hour but the scenery is lovely and it wasn’t a chore doing it by tuk tuk. In Kep I walked along the beautiful beach and then went and sat and had dinner where the people board to go to Rabbit island, the food was nice and very cheap, I think this restaurant was also owned by Captain Chim. That night I sat at the bar in The Rusty Keyhole up by the river front, I had beers with the local expats, it was a really good day. The next day I did a tour to Rabbit Island, I booked through an agent in the town and to be honest it was a terribly organised tour and I recommend not booking with this agent, he is the one that is just right opposite the road as you turn out of Captain Chims cafe on the corner. Rabbit Island is a nice little getaway, some people go for a few days, but one day visit was enough for me, not overly much to do, probably great for couples and families. It was lovely to immerse myself in the sea and watch the world go by. Unfortunately the journey back was crap due to a torrential downpour, by the time I got back to my hostel after waiting and waiting at several different places for buses I was freezing, I waited so much because no one said my ticket was valid and I got shoved from bus to bus and then I think they just stuck me on a local bus, I was a bit miffed but that is Asia, you have to let a certain amount just slide off your back, so I showered and headed back to the Rusty Keyhole for the famous ribs. Christian the owner was lovely, as a lone traveller he made an effort to ask me questions and chat to me as I hadn’t made many companions in Kampot, despite that I loved it, the ribs were great, then I sat in O’Neills a Irish bar on the river front and had lots to drink! Some generous woman I befriended at the bar left and paid for all my drinks! I hate the fact I forgot her name but she was very generous and added to my feeling of how good the world is. Apparently there is a bit of a low-key nightlife scene due to lots of expats in Kampot so don’t think it’s a sleepy village, apparently the night before I arrived there was a massive party that was the talk of the town! Anyway the next day I ate at Captain Chims and waited for my bus to take me to the Ha Tien, the border of Vietnam. This journey was actually very good. Getting to Ha trien was easy, I travelled via mini bus with several other people then at Ha Trien I transferred to a big coach to Saigon, I can’t remember how long it took but it pretty much took a whole day. The border control was not bad,bar the charging me 1 usd to take my temperature, maybe checking for Ebola 😉. I arrived at my hotel after a taxi ride from the bus station (which was fairly far, 250000 dong) around 11pm, I had a quick walk around and then went to bed, I had booked a Mekong River tour for the next morning through my hostel, Hideout Hostel. So it was goodbye Cambodia, short but sweet, I did really love it, the only negative is the insane amount of tuk tuks harassing you and the constant begging from the poor, I gave to a few beggars but you can’t give to them all.

Me, Myself and I


Goodbye Lover                                                                    Me, myself and I

It happens to us all when a relationship ends, it is painful, it hurts, no matter if it ends amicably or your the person to end it, it will hurt and the recovery period isn’t set in stone, it’s not like a pot roast, we cannot set a time for our pain to be done, pain demands to be felt and boy does it get felt.
Like a wound in the initial period, we try cleaning it and covering it up, going out with friends, sleeping around, drinking, throwing ourselves into work, but we soon realize ignoring the wound won’t make it heal, the ugly nature of it is still there and if we don’t address it, it will scar.
We can be said to over analzye, often I wonder if this is the downfall of myself, the fact that I analzye and sructinize aspects of aspects till the aspects start to blur, you question your questions and come up with no answers, so in the end, it is best to go with your heart, your instinct, to listen to the nature call of your heart; because we all have a preference, even in the midst of our pain, we kinda know what the best route is, we just know it won’t be easy. If anyone has experience in breaking up you know, it is not easy, you plan your words of hurt, arranging them like a scrabble game, hoping to morph them to words of comfort, but that will never happen, the other person won’t remember the words you wrapped in cotton wool or the nice things you said to pad the fall, they remember the harshness; relationships are like passing out, you don’t remember all said and done in the moment, just the most painful bits, you remember the sharp edges that cut, the blunt force that you felt thud in your chest.

Being part of a break up never gets easier, you just become better at dusting yourself off, better at telling yourself that things will turn out ok, you get better at moving, you know that the pain felt will simmer and that there is hope, hope you hold to get you through the darker days when the light at the end of the tunnel keeps flickering off. As human nature goes, we learn and we learn to know that breaking up means also pulling ourselves together.

Feelings are sometimes hard to articulate, feelings don’t follow a break up recipe, In break ups you feel hurt because maybe they just accepted it, selfishly you wanted them to show you their pain so you could see if you are making the right decision, but his pain is his and he can decide not to share, but it makes us feel unwanted, like he had just been waiting for the time till you ended it. When someone accepts so easily it makes going easier, why shall one person be fighting while the other hasn’t even drawn their sword.
To be fully honest in the past I have had a selfish pain, a selfish pain of feeling unwanted and feeling that after so long why couldn’t I make it work, maybe I’ll just never be happy and never deserve to be. When I ended a previous relationship I thought, what have I done! I have hurt a perfectly good man to find what a better one? that’s the scary part, what is a better man and where is he? where is that person and when will I find him? I’m quite a independent person and I don’t struggle to meet people but a connection through the minds doesn’t come often, so despite the scary abyss that now is the unknown,
I’m prepared to wait for someone who will try harder, for the person that will make me feel not complete as that comes from inside, but someone who brings curves to my edges and a brightness to my spirit.
A relationship should add value, you should not look in the mirror and think your less than you ever could be, you should look in the mirror and think you are more than you ever thought you would become.
So people sit with your wounds and your scars, let them heal and learn to be just be happy by yourself and say, ‘I made a choice to fall in love and get hurt and that is a choice I’m happy with, as the saying goes you don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you get a choice in who hurts you and I’m happy with my choices.’
So when breaking up take a look on the inside before searching for someone else on the outside, to love again you need to get back to the you, the you knew you were before the previous person claimed something, you take that back, whether it is crushed or crumbled, and you rebuild yourself, you are not putting up walls you are creating your new boundaries.

So this time now is all
About Me, Myself and I

What has love got to do with it?


It is a age old thing that people say sex and emotions get easily intertwined, that feelings cannot help but bring their muddy paws all over your physical relationships. Being single and talking to my single friends, I wonder how many people can actually have sex and not let feelings get in the way.

From my experience men can do it easily; they can have sex with a woman for weeks and easily detach themselves from the situation when needed. I’m not a psychologist or a mind detective, but I often wonder, how the majority of women are unable to behave in the same way as men when it comes to sex.

I believe the reasoning behind peoples sexual antics is down to the way people have encountered it throughtout thier up bringing; Fruedion some may say. The way you are brought up to view sexual relationships and how you encounter them and percieve them are often heavily influenced by family. This influence directly effects how you feel about having physical relationships.
I’m not a predator or raving sex fiend but I believe the act of love can be just that, sex. It can be something we can take for pleasure like cheese, wine and a good bath and enjoy it in that moment; indulge fully. After sex we do not have to pretend we want anything more. I have friends who state they couldn’t do that, that they couldn’t help but develop feelings. I suppose it depends on each individual and thier ability to see the difference between love and sex, as the difference is there.

So you want a sex buddy? I hear people cry; a friend who can agree to being as emotionally devoid as yourself, but at the same time maintain a connection which allows you to enjoy good sex. This is a toughy right?! This is where those muddy paw prints are sneaking their way in, scrapping at the door of your heart, telling your brain, come on girl do not kid yourself.

My Feeling Free Sex Rules

1. Do not date someone past 3 months as the 3 month mark is where feelings start to struggle to the surface, gasping for air, gasping to be breathed life into. Or the other party, tries to project their feelings onto you in hope you feel the same way, therefore it’s best to let them down before you hurt their feelings.

2. The best sex friend is someone you know there is no future with, and don’t let this put you off. There are millions of people in this world, your dream man doesn’t promptly knock at your door and say, “I’m here love!” In a world of international travel, choices and adventures, your dream man might be trekking through a jungle somewhere while your are eating your Cheerios! Chill and allow yourself time. Do not feel guilty for having fun! My favourite saying to someone in their early twenties is, “Now I’m approaching my dirty thirties , I allow myself to not be bothered by age, that stupid little number. That number that has some sort of dictation of where I should be in life. I say bugger off number!” Someone in their early twenties is on a totally different life path than me, maybe they need to do things I’ve already done. This allows you to easily just take the moment and the time together as just that, a fun, sexy exchange.

3. Date the sexy but the boring, as long as it is not boring sex, as then that is a lose lose situation. A boring guy who is great in bed is a win win situation, as you know there is no future because you would rather poke your eyes out with your grans knitting needles then go out for dinner with them. Strictly no talking please. Everytime You meet just pretend your immensely horny and cannot possibly wait to get him home, then you can be saved a eye wateringly boring conversation. These rendezvous have quite a short shelf life but that is ok as that is what we want, right?

4. Avoid meeting his friends and hanging out too much. Go for pub drinks but avoid dinner dates, as people start to label you and it makes removing yourself that bit more tricky. Dinner dates are what people do when you wanna discuss your favourite colour, your hopes, your dreams and your ambitions. We don’t want that remember, so to save yourselves from imparting someone with information that you will regret later, just stick to drinks in the week, avoid to much weekend activity together. Planning Saturday and Sundays together is a relationship thing and if you do plan something off the cuff, that is ok, but make sure it is not because he or you are growing feelings.

5. Did you know that Dolphins and humans are the only creatures that have sex for pleasure, how wonderful is that because sex is pretty awesome right. Since the dawn of time people have been entering into the pleasurable act of love making and in the last centuries women’s views around sex have come on leap and bounds. Sex is not bad, we shouldn’t lay back and think of England. You are not a slut if you want to take part in a natural human act, there is nothing more natural than being naked next to someone. Do not let society norms make you feel bad for enjoying a moment which is ours for the taking. Humans desire to be touched and to touch. Humans desire the pleasure of receiving and giving and it is ok to want that and not have to enter into some mind field of emotion it you don’t samt to; the two things are completely separate. Don’t let the heightened feeling of euphoria after sex confuse you into thinking that you have feelings for someone, their just feel good hormones.

My other rule for women is to not let good sex be confused with common sense in thinking that you could have a relationship with this person because the sex is good. Many relationships have started this way and they fail. Best relationships come from finding that person who really fits you and by finding that person you need to find yourself, so do not rush into relationships because you have a moment of loneliness or fear. Get comfortable with sitting in a room and staring at yourself in the mirror and being ok with that. Get to know the type of person you are and boy this takes time.

But if you do like a guy, go ahead, even if you stumble and fall, each time you get up, maybe it is harder because you feel deeper or more painful because you should of known better, but that is ok, that is a learning curve too. We all learn things about ourselves when we get hurt, but do not let that make you more cynical or adverse to falling in love, because really there is no better feeling. But after a fall, I believe in licking your wounds and tending your soul, so get a sex friend and follow my rules, then one day when you least expect, I hope anyway, someone amazing will come by. Someone that you find it impossible not to text. Someone who is not easy to ignore. Someone who you can’t stop thinking about. Someone who makes you think of them on a Saturday. S womebody that makes you want to hold their hand and imagine skipping gayly through fields. Maybe one day your meet someone that will not be able to stop thinking about YOU, someone that makes YOU feel special, that is what I’m holding out for now, someone who makes me feel like I have been looking for them my whole life.

Seems a big task right.

Well like SJP says, ‘As you drive along this road called life, occasionally a girl will find herself lost and when that happens, I guess she just has to let go of the coulda, woulda, shoulda and just keep going. Because some women aren’t meant to be tamed and maybe we just need to run free and someday we will meet someone just as wild to run with!’

Just do not let sex confuse you. Sex and love are not mutual.

Sex can happen any time anywhere with anyone. Love is singular and only comes along once in a while. If we waited around for love we would never be having sex. Life is long so please do not deprive yourself.

So go forth and Be Safe.

Teenagers social media mindset

It isn’t worth trying to change the world, it is enough not letting the world change you


Growing up is a hard thing to do. Having a younger sister, makes me remember and realise the effort it takes as a teenager not to crumble under social and media pressures. Society has this ideal of perfection which is pushed upon us through television, magazines, marketing and pop stars. It’s a wonder women and men are able to even surface the light of day to show our weary faces?

Fortunately I have a wonderful teenage sister, she suffers from the odd insecurity and self-doubt that surrounds all teens, having arguments in school, being ignored and rejected by your peers at some level. Maybe she doesn’t think the latest boy is cute or want to engage in the general silliness of teenagers, she is very sensible, but I think  growing up with 3 older sisters has given her better coping skills better than most. We constantly remind her how important, beautiful and special she is. She knows that in life there is more important things than what lipstick you wear to school or what boy notices you in science. Obviously on some level she does care but she concentrates on her future mainly. She focuses on achieving her grades to be better. I think coming from a single parent family she has the ethos from my mum and us, her sisters that you have to work hard In life to get the job you love, enjoy and can earn good money in.

Often, she says that she doesn’t feel pretty and I can’t help blame Instagram, Facebook and the media for this lack of self belief. I have Instagram myself but I think growing up in an era without it, it wasn’t part of my social development, so I didn’t base my self worth around how many likes or dislikes I received from social platforms. Teenagers these days grow up with social media, therefore it is impacting their psychosocial development. Now more than ever, youngsters become reliant on self-esteem boosts from Instagram and Facebook to fund their self-worth.
Self-worth should be taught from a loving family unit where they instil the idea of beauty as a multi faceted ideal. This ideal is one that incorporates good manners and treating people politely and learning that the world is filled with people of different creeds, looks and demeanors. They learn that people do not deserve to be judged soley by the way they appear. Judgement happens quickly. I’m as guilty as the next at judging too quickly, but we should be trying harder to teach our teens who live in a world of validation through virtual products, that self-development and beauty is all but skin deep.

We all have worries. I dye my hair and take enjoyment in dressing up to look nice, but over the years I’ve learnt that I can’t get happy by looking for validation from others. I just wish teenagers would learn this too.

Social media should be taken out of kids hands and only introduced later in their development. How can we do that now, when the world is all about trending on Twitter and who gets the most likes on Facebook? We are all guilty so how can we break the cycle of our teenagers basing beauty on the amount of likes they get on their current Instagram photo.

Let us all take a moment and remember that beauty is skin deep.

Mirror Mirror

Poem for all those people who hate their job

Today my friend heather was complaining about her job and how she feels drained. So, I had a moment and penned a little rhyme for her.

I looked in the mirror yesterday;
I was tired, my eyes were grey.
Life and work is tugging at my skin
And dragging me down,
The storm clouds rolling in.
I love to work to earn,
The money I plan to burn.

Why am I here at the office chair
Way past the hour I ever agreed,
Pushing paper, from tray to tray,
Wishing my long day away.

Today I saw myself in the mirror I braved,
What happened to that girl,
Who had inspiration to forge forward everyday,
The smog clouds ate her up;
My horrid boss took my soul
And told me darling girl now, this is mine to hold.

Man and Wife


Do your exams
Plan ur life
Grow up to be man and wife
Grow up to be self assured
With a car and a house

Day in and day out
Everything merges like blurred lines
Feeling blind by society’s demands
Cut away the image of what you are meant to be
Find your soul and learn to just be

Growing older everyday
Watching as the past fades to grey
Maybe I should be wiser
Maybe I should know better
Maybe I should be smarter in love
But I’m still youngish and prepared to be foolish
So join me now my friends
Let’s not settle down
Ohhh growing older everyday
Watching the past fade to grey

I don’t wanna be that person
With the white picket fence
Struggling to breath under routine and apron strings
I can’t bear 9-5 or the city commute
Struggling to breath through the smog and the smoke
Don’t give me a ring or tie me down
Coz I’m not ready to settle down

Growing older everyday
Watching as the past fades to grey
Maybe I should be wiser
Maybe I should know better
Maybe I should be smarter in love
But I’m still youngish and prepared to be foolish
So join me now my friends
Let’s not settle down
Ohh growing older everyday
Watching as the past fades to grey

So I don’t have a mortgage
And I’m not walking down the aisle
Pls don’t fear for me just because society states
I should be settled down by 28

I’m happy to look in the mirror
And see the scars on my soul
One day I’m sure these are the things that will make me whole

London Love


I wonder if you see me looking at you
Because I saw you
@ ten to 9 waiting on the Piccadilly line
U shirt was done up tight,
ready for the corporate fight
I wonder if like me
You wish this would all go away
If the train could lead us to a brand new way of life

A day where are shirts are not pressed
And our alarms didn’t wake @ 6
If we did not have see the same old faces
Making tea and small talk to pass the hours in the day
I wonder if like me u wish the world spun a different way.

I wonder if u see me looking at you
Because I saw you at 10 to 9 waiting on the Piccadilly line
Ur shirt was done up tight, ready for the corporate fight
I wonder if your like me
You wish this would all go away
If the train could lead us to a brand new way of life.

The chains of the office room chair
Show on the faces of the morning commuters in despair
When the world is so vast
Why tie ourselves to the grind
The oceans spread out before us
like a blanket on a summers lawn,
The sun is shining on the future, I can see it now, a future where I can roam the world
And I wonder if u see me looking at you
Because I saw you at ten to 9 waiting in the Piccadilly line
Your shirt was done up tight
Ready for the corporate fight,
I wonder if you are like me
You wish this would all go away
Only if the train could lead us to a brand new way of life.

Laying in wait

I’m not cold or hardened
I’m just not sure
I’m uncertain of what love is anymore
I can’t touch it to tell you it is there
It is like a legend, a fable
A story told that’s fades like a wisp on the cold morning air.

I have felt it and embraced it
but now the feelings gone
Once it engulfed me, now it is a haze on the horizon,
sand shifting in a desert storm

I’m worried it has passed me
Rushing through like hurried bodies
leaving me with muddy prints,
Left is just a tiny reminder
That yes love once was here

Sometimes I crave an intimate hand
To hold me not for a second but four
For physical contact to mean something deeper,
something more

But I’m scared of the next person
They have a lot of work to do
I’m not sure I’m ready to commit
to being that person that doesn’t fit

I’m done with taking my feelings and brushing them down,
so when I hurt you
or leave early In the morning
Maybe I don’t take your number or text you back
Please don’t be hurt

I’m just watching my back