Meet Us

Meet Us:

I just wanted you guys to know a little about us, about our personalities so you know more about the person/people behind the articles.

Hello Peeps, I am Tanya…

I like cake but try not to eat too much of it, hummingbird is my favourite but then again Muriel’s Kitchen in South Kensington do a mean slice. I love Scoop Ice cream off Berwick street in Soho and Lina’s store in Soho, they are the friendliest italians selling the best italians meats, breads and all you can imagine that is italian.

I am a food lover though I rarely cook. I hate anything that takes more than 30 mins as I get bored, maybe that says more about my attention span.

I love reading all types of books and reading the news, where I try to gain cultural knowledge. Not sure it’s working but God loves a try hard.

I love gadgets but don’t have many in fear of losing them as I lose most things that aren’t sown to me, I am slightly forgetful and always double book myself.

I am a good swimmer though and I love to exercise when I find a good gym. I am a perfectionist too, I love fancy restaurants and a cocktail or four, I love to travel and experience what other people live like day-to-day.

My motto in life is one stolen from a book, chin up, tally ho!!

Well that’s a little about me, now over to you Stephanie……

Hello Peeps,

I am Steffi, I am not sure what you would like to know! I currently live in London, it’s my favourite city, I love the buzz and the bustling nature of london life. I love to go out in the evenings like my sister for dinner and cocktails!! although I can’t drink too much!!

I love to keep active when I can find the energy! I am a pediatric nurse so I am working a lot, shift work, so my life is not normal nine to five and that’s the way I like it.

I love to travel!! last year I had quite a few holidays, maybe one of the few perks in nursing is the annual leave quota.

I love the colour pink and wished the sun shone everyday! I love being around people and I like to play hard as I work hard.

I love, pizza, cake, ice cream and above all my family and friends.

In life I like to be positive, the glass is always half full!! My motto is chin up and tally ho! life is a journey so let’s go!


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