What has love got to do with it?


It is a age old thing that people say sex and emotions get easily intertwined, that feelings cannot help but bring their muddy paws all over your physical relationships. Being single and talking to my single friends, I wonder how many people can actually have sex and not let feelings get in the way.

From my experience men can do it easily; they can have sex with a woman for weeks and easily detach themselves from the situation when needed. I’m not a psychologist or a mind detective, but I often wonder, how the majority of women are unable to behave in the same way as men when it comes to sex.

I believe the reasoning behind peoples sexual antics is down to the way people have encountered it throughtout thier up bringing; Fruedion some may say. The way you are brought up to view sexual relationships and how you encounter them and percieve them are often heavily influenced by family. This influence directly effects how you feel about having physical relationships.
I’m not a predator or raving sex fiend but I believe the act of love can be just that, sex. It can be something we can take for pleasure like cheese, wine and a good bath and enjoy it in that moment; indulge fully. After sex we do not have to pretend we want anything more. I have friends who state they couldn’t do that, that they couldn’t help but develop feelings. I suppose it depends on each individual and thier ability to see the difference between love and sex, as the difference is there.

So you want a sex buddy? I hear people cry; a friend who can agree to being as emotionally devoid as yourself, but at the same time maintain a connection which allows you to enjoy good sex. This is a toughy right?! This is where those muddy paw prints are sneaking their way in, scrapping at the door of your heart, telling your brain, come on girl do not kid yourself.

My Feeling Free Sex Rules

1. Do not date someone past 3 months as the 3 month mark is where feelings start to struggle to the surface, gasping for air, gasping to be breathed life into. Or the other party, tries to project their feelings onto you in hope you feel the same way, therefore it’s best to let them down before you hurt their feelings.

2. The best sex friend is someone you know there is no future with, and don’t let this put you off. There are millions of people in this world, your dream man doesn’t promptly knock at your door and say, “I’m here love!” In a world of international travel, choices and adventures, your dream man might be trekking through a jungle somewhere while your are eating your Cheerios! Chill and allow yourself time. Do not feel guilty for having fun! My favourite saying to someone in their early twenties is, “Now I’m approaching my dirty thirties , I allow myself to not be bothered by age, that stupid little number. That number that has some sort of dictation of where I should be in life. I say bugger off number!” Someone in their early twenties is on a totally different life path than me, maybe they need to do things I’ve already done. This allows you to easily just take the moment and the time together as just that, a fun, sexy exchange.

3. Date the sexy but the boring, as long as it is not boring sex, as then that is a lose lose situation. A boring guy who is great in bed is a win win situation, as you know there is no future because you would rather poke your eyes out with your grans knitting needles then go out for dinner with them. Strictly no talking please. Everytime You meet just pretend your immensely horny and cannot possibly wait to get him home, then you can be saved a eye wateringly boring conversation. These rendezvous have quite a short shelf life but that is ok as that is what we want, right?

4. Avoid meeting his friends and hanging out too much. Go for pub drinks but avoid dinner dates, as people start to label you and it makes removing yourself that bit more tricky. Dinner dates are what people do when you wanna discuss your favourite colour, your hopes, your dreams and your ambitions. We don’t want that remember, so to save yourselves from imparting someone with information that you will regret later, just stick to drinks in the week, avoid to much weekend activity together. Planning Saturday and Sundays together is a relationship thing and if you do plan something off the cuff, that is ok, but make sure it is not because he or you are growing feelings.

5. Did you know that Dolphins and humans are the only creatures that have sex for pleasure, how wonderful is that because sex is pretty awesome right. Since the dawn of time people have been entering into the pleasurable act of love making and in the last centuries women’s views around sex have come on leap and bounds. Sex is not bad, we shouldn’t lay back and think of England. You are not a slut if you want to take part in a natural human act, there is nothing more natural than being naked next to someone. Do not let society norms make you feel bad for enjoying a moment which is ours for the taking. Humans desire to be touched and to touch. Humans desire the pleasure of receiving and giving and it is ok to want that and not have to enter into some mind field of emotion it you don’t samt to; the two things are completely separate. Don’t let the heightened feeling of euphoria after sex confuse you into thinking that you have feelings for someone, their just feel good hormones.

My other rule for women is to not let good sex be confused with common sense in thinking that you could have a relationship with this person because the sex is good. Many relationships have started this way and they fail. Best relationships come from finding that person who really fits you and by finding that person you need to find yourself, so do not rush into relationships because you have a moment of loneliness or fear. Get comfortable with sitting in a room and staring at yourself in the mirror and being ok with that. Get to know the type of person you are and boy this takes time.

But if you do like a guy, go ahead, even if you stumble and fall, each time you get up, maybe it is harder because you feel deeper or more painful because you should of known better, but that is ok, that is a learning curve too. We all learn things about ourselves when we get hurt, but do not let that make you more cynical or adverse to falling in love, because really there is no better feeling. But after a fall, I believe in licking your wounds and tending your soul, so get a sex friend and follow my rules, then one day when you least expect, I hope anyway, someone amazing will come by. Someone that you find it impossible not to text. Someone who is not easy to ignore. Someone who you can’t stop thinking about. Someone who makes you think of them on a Saturday. S womebody that makes you want to hold their hand and imagine skipping gayly through fields. Maybe one day your meet someone that will not be able to stop thinking about YOU, someone that makes YOU feel special, that is what I’m holding out for now, someone who makes me feel like I have been looking for them my whole life.

Seems a big task right.

Well like SJP says, ‘As you drive along this road called life, occasionally a girl will find herself lost and when that happens, I guess she just has to let go of the coulda, woulda, shoulda and just keep going. Because some women aren’t meant to be tamed and maybe we just need to run free and someday we will meet someone just as wild to run with!’

Just do not let sex confuse you. Sex and love are not mutual.

Sex can happen any time anywhere with anyone. Love is singular and only comes along once in a while. If we waited around for love we would never be having sex. Life is long so please do not deprive yourself.

So go forth and Be Safe.


Teenagers social media mindset

It isn’t worth trying to change the world, it is enough not letting the world change you


Growing up is a hard thing to do. Having a younger sister, makes me remember and realise the effort it takes as a teenager not to crumble under social and media pressures. Society has this ideal of perfection which is pushed upon us through television, magazines, marketing and pop stars. It’s a wonder women and men are able to even surface the light of day to show our weary faces?

Fortunately I have a wonderful teenage sister, she suffers from the odd insecurity and self-doubt that surrounds all teens, having arguments in school, being ignored and rejected by your peers at some level. Maybe she doesn’t think the latest boy is cute or want to engage in the general silliness of teenagers, she is very sensible, but I think  growing up with 3 older sisters has given her better coping skills better than most. We constantly remind her how important, beautiful and special she is. She knows that in life there is more important things than what lipstick you wear to school or what boy notices you in science. Obviously on some level she does care but she concentrates on her future mainly. She focuses on achieving her grades to be better. I think coming from a single parent family she has the ethos from my mum and us, her sisters that you have to work hard In life to get the job you love, enjoy and can earn good money in.

Often, she says that she doesn’t feel pretty and I can’t help blame Instagram, Facebook and the media for this lack of self belief. I have Instagram myself but I think growing up in an era without it, it wasn’t part of my social development, so I didn’t base my self worth around how many likes or dislikes I received from social platforms. Teenagers these days grow up with social media, therefore it is impacting their psychosocial development. Now more than ever, youngsters become reliant on self-esteem boosts from Instagram and Facebook to fund their self-worth.
Self-worth should be taught from a loving family unit where they instil the idea of beauty as a multi faceted ideal. This ideal is one that incorporates good manners and treating people politely and learning that the world is filled with people of different creeds, looks and demeanors. They learn that people do not deserve to be judged soley by the way they appear. Judgement happens quickly. I’m as guilty as the next at judging too quickly, but we should be trying harder to teach our teens who live in a world of validation through virtual products, that self-development and beauty is all but skin deep.

We all have worries. I dye my hair and take enjoyment in dressing up to look nice, but over the years I’ve learnt that I can’t get happy by looking for validation from others. I just wish teenagers would learn this too.

Social media should be taken out of kids hands and only introduced later in their development. How can we do that now, when the world is all about trending on Twitter and who gets the most likes on Facebook? We are all guilty so how can we break the cycle of our teenagers basing beauty on the amount of likes they get on their current Instagram photo.

Let us all take a moment and remember that beauty is skin deep.

Man and Wife


Do your exams
Plan ur life
Grow up to be man and wife
Grow up to be self assured
With a car and a house

Day in and day out
Everything merges like blurred lines
Feeling blind by society’s demands
Cut away the image of what you are meant to be
Find your soul and learn to just be

Growing older everyday
Watching as the past fades to grey
Maybe I should be wiser
Maybe I should know better
Maybe I should be smarter in love
But I’m still youngish and prepared to be foolish
So join me now my friends
Let’s not settle down
Ohhh growing older everyday
Watching the past fade to grey

I don’t wanna be that person
With the white picket fence
Struggling to breath under routine and apron strings
I can’t bear 9-5 or the city commute
Struggling to breath through the smog and the smoke
Don’t give me a ring or tie me down
Coz I’m not ready to settle down

Growing older everyday
Watching as the past fades to grey
Maybe I should be wiser
Maybe I should know better
Maybe I should be smarter in love
But I’m still youngish and prepared to be foolish
So join me now my friends
Let’s not settle down
Ohh growing older everyday
Watching as the past fades to grey

So I don’t have a mortgage
And I’m not walking down the aisle
Pls don’t fear for me just because society states
I should be settled down by 28

I’m happy to look in the mirror
And see the scars on my soul
One day I’m sure these are the things that will make me whole

Dear Friend

I have been wondering how you are my friend
I have not seen you for a while
I fear you have been hiding
Lost to the world
Laying your head on your pillow
Letting the world get to much
I have told you I am here
But I don’t think you heard my voice
You say you feel your drowning
But you won’t take my hand
Did you see me standing there
Because I have been there all along

Your not alone my friend I see you
One day your see me too
One day the world won’t feel so heavy
Or a burden on your skin
The sky won’t suffocate you
And your start to let people in

So you have been smoking cigarettes and it is fogging up the room
You cannot organise your thoughts
Because your soul is bruised
You have been drinking more everyday
Hoping to world would just leave, just fade away

Your in a empty room, but you feel crowded with the things you have done wrong and those who have wronged you
No space for breathing, but please my friend, do not be leaving
Because I do, I see you

I know people say the pain will fade and you do not believe a word they say
How can you clean a wound so very deep?
I have no words of wisdom or rooms of solitude,
I just have life my dear friend, so join me now

Love and Other things . . .

“Sometimes you make choices, and sometimes choices make you.”
                                   – Gayle Forman, If I Stay

Lately I have been wondering what is it that attracts you to someone? What is it that draws you to someone over someone else? So, I pose the likely already discussed question, ‘What is attraction?’

Is attraction conscious or subconscious? (I am a very deep person). These sensations that we label feelings of attraction are we able to control them or do they control us? Are we attractions puppet? Are we even in control? When we are attracted to another being, be that male, female or transgender is it because our body is responding to that person subconsciously? Do we play no part in the first step where we decide someone is attractive or is that already decided for us by our own body? Are we not the masters of our thoughts like we so often like to think? When we first meet someone do we consciously make the choice to fancy them, or is our sneaky subconscious already making moves and we are just slow on the up take? My opinion whether you regard it or not is we never make the decision of who we are sexually attracted to, that decision is determined for us. We just consciously decide whether to act on those decisions. It is unconscious attraction until you realise it, which statistically is within 3 seconds of meeting someone (facts however loose found on google aka the bible) and once realisation dawns on you then you have a choice to consciously act upon this sexual attraction. This act of consciously showing our attraction is the part that is the hardest for people to act on. Especially us reserved English because off the fear of having to eat that shame sandwich of rejection which no one welcomes, as no one likes to chow down on humiliation and rejection all in one go.

Our body is an indicator for our dislikes and our likes. When we meet someone our body tells us whether we like them. When we are too cold our body informs us. When we are too hot we sweat. When we our hungry our belly growls. Our body is constantly telling us what we need to do to keep it chugging along. Attraction isn’t a choice we make it is something our body reacts to like the taste of pralines and ice cream (I love it). Loving that ice cream is a reaction from my body telling me, ‘Eat more it’s good,’ which I consciously then eat the whole tub; no ones making me do that. We are like mere puppets being strung by something we cannot see. Feelings are reactions to a pleasing stimuli, which we can control only after they have been thought. It seems silly to me to say we are able to control our thoughts that pop into our minds. The control we do have is choice, we can choose to suppress them or act upon them.

All this deeper stuff that I am waffling on about intrigues me. Could ending up with someone just be your destiny. Though I beg the question, ‘What is destiny?.’ Apart from Destiny being a popular American girl group I tend to lean-to the side that people made up the word destiny. People label things they don’t understand or cannot fully grasp, instead of just accepting the fact that in reality we are not in control of our lives. Choosing to be with someone, that’s your choice. Choosing what job you accept is in your control. These are decisions you made. Or are they? In reality how do you know you haven’t made an unconscious decision, as you may have acted on instinct when you accepted the job because it felt right, or dated that guy because for some reason you just clicked. Were they subconscious/conscious decisions you made (mind twister). If we went with gut feelings would we be being living unconsciously and those who did not are living more consciously? These are just my interpretations of what I feel, what I see and what I have been mulling over in my mind. I could be sprouting allot of dribbling, but really how much control do we really have over who we are and what we become?

This blog was essentially a tirade of questions, do you feel attacked? Do you feel I have left you with little answers? Do you feel cheated? The answers you can gather for yourself, take a question and start a dinner table discussion. Are we ever really in control?


Where art thou . . .



Dear people dear to me in life,

I am here writing a few words, to jolt your memory to my existent as shocking as my existent may seem. It is incorrect to be led by rumours that I have been abducted by aliens, had a mid-life crisis and eloped without notice. I have not fallen fowl and been injured and incapacitated for the last 9 months. It is not true that I have become a hermit and a recluse in favour of reading WW2 novels and watching documentaries repeatedly on how the earth come to fruition; however tempting that is. I have not been taken into a cult or become Amish, which are obviously all plausible since I have decided I want a less materialistic existent where I aim to become a more earthy type of person. It has been said that I am hard to contact. This is not because I have done as mentioned above or fled states or fled to a different continent. It has been said that maybe I haven’t been seen out at engagements like I once so happily attended, where I drank too much, talked too much and shared too much. This year my over-sharing has been somewhat limited due to my absence at social gatherings. It may seem that I hate you all and I like just to hang out with my twin sibling, as I no longer like people who were not spurned from the same egg as me. This all could be true. Is it true? The cold hard truth of it lies in this; I decided I wanted to be a teacher, people warned me against it, people told me it takes over your life. I ignored people’s mutters and decided to forge ahead, as that’s how I roll. I am my own master with a destiny I wanted to grab for. So I applied to a uni and good old Goldsmiths wildly took a punt on me. They taught me allot and my mind was filled with theory to put into practice when I was sent to schools to teach the young. This was all well and good, but it took up all my darn time. I read so much my brain hurt quite a bit. I started to talk about teaching constantly. It became all-consuming; so much so that the sound of my voice made me feel sick.

The fact is teacher training isn’t as glossy as one may think, it takes up all your time still you see the kids and your fellow trainees more than you see your friends or your family. You wake early and early is when the birds are still singing and the sun is still rising. You take to 5 ‘0’ clock alarms and skipping lunch without thought, as your thoughts are on a starter or a plenary or how you’re going make 28 kids progress in an hour when half of them would rather be taking selfies and combing their hair, or punching their friend to see if he really doesn’t have feeling in his left arm. You teach and you plan and go to bed past 12, then you have to do it over again 5 days a week. This onslaught felt okay for a little while until you realized the work was too much and your weekends needed to be given up. So for a while, the last 9 months to be exact I haven’t had a moment to breathe. I have had very little sleep. My loan is somewhat a joke and now I’m stony broke.

The crux of this letter is to say, I am sorry I have been a bit shit, but I have been busy making myself a professional who can teach 11-18. It has been tough, emotionally and mentally. I have cried a fair few times and broke down on mentors and cried in a fair few toilets. I cried after lessons, I cried for fear of not making it, I cried in fear of pupils not progressing, I cried because kids threw stuff at me and hated me for no particular reason. So, I haven’t been captured by foreign aliens in foreign universes and I haven’t eloped to find the biggest ever sand dunes, I have been busy trying to make something of little old me. It takes a good old while to get on ones feet. Please bear with me.

Perth Fun

I decided it is time I updated peeps on my Western Oz experience, I know I kept people well updated on my East Coast Travels, and being in Perth for 8 months now I thought maybe I would blog about it. My time here seems to have flown and it feels like I have been here forever yet at the same time, no time at all. Time seems to get faster and faster going by with a blink of the eye. As 8 months is a long time to blog and my memory couldn’t tell you everything day to day! I thought I would highlight you on my favourite times here in Perth. 1. Margaret River- this is a must for anyone who takes a trip this side of the world, it is beautiful, great for fishing, wine drinking and more wine drinking. It is a famous wine region with lots of the winery’s and breweries, they are all set against amazing backdrops, Steve and I did it mid summer so it was boiling but at least that made u feel u really deserved your nice cold beer. Steve and I camped, we had a lovely small tent that meant we didn’t sweat at all …..not! Steve loved the fishing and I just loved meandering from one watering hole to the next, not a care in the world. 2. Christmas- now this was a weird time of year, mainly due to the insane sun! It was so hot, I really sweated, my body was a bit taken aback by the new places it found to perspire. Steve and I found we had to limit ourselves to a hour of sunshine a day so we didn’t get sunstroke and become sun induced zombies, literally a few hours of 40 degree heat makes me sleep for days. I enjoyed Christmas because we spent it with steves aunt and uncle and they took us to their friends house where in good tradition me and Steve ate and ate,I actually was sick that night, but that was post chocolate game and my sheer determination to win! I tried oysters and I hate them. It was lovely to experience Xmas In oz and go to the beach and body board instead of listen to the queen and eat a entire tin of quality street, even though I love doing that! 3. New year- Steve and I spent this in Kings park overlooking Perth city, mainly it was amazing due to the fireworks and the skyline at night, Perth always looks so pretty from Kings park. We spent it with Steve’s aunt and uncle again and their friends, it was nice to be social, even though the government had strict drinking times, start from 6pm only otherwise people were fined! 4. Fremantle bike ride- bit of a small event, me and Heather my traveling east coast buddy did this 18km bike ride. She came over to visit and we rented bikes for a day for something to do. So we cycled from Perth city to Fremantle and it was lovely, apart from Heather slowly falling apart mid route due to leg, back. nose head pain ( little broken Hev). We made it to Fremantle in one piece, passing the ocean on the way and it was stunning, Fremantle is one of my favourite places in Perth. 5. Kings park running- sad but true, the ozzie’s love a bit of early morning running, cycling, swimming, and salsa moves on the beach. I couldn’t make it up at 5am in the morning but me and my running friend would go running in kings park and down to the Bell tower on the esplanade, a nice 8k run and the views are beautiful and are every time I go! 6. Swan Valley- Swan valley is a mini Margaret river, vineyards and a chocolate factory, no place can go wrong with both those things. It is not far from Perth so a great day trip, especially since most things to get too are quite far away! I have been there several times, once with Steve and our flatmates where I lost miserably at mini golf 😦 and another on a wine tour with my friend Heather and it was great fun, wine, sun and chocolate, mmm heaven is a place on Earth! 7. Jet skiing and dolphins- By far one of the best perks of being in oz is Steves uncle’s jet ski! We ventured a few times out onto the Perth river, speeding into the water with the city spread out before us. One particularly memorable time we spotted dolphins! We were so excited, we drove slowly to them and they swam beside our jet ski, amazing! We were lucky as a few times we have been walking down by the river Steve has spotted Dolphins and we have got very close. 8. Rottnest Island- I did Rottnest Island with my cousin and only recently. Rottnest is a small pricey little ferry ride across from Fremantle harbour. The island Rottnest is named after rats as it is a island of rats apparently! They do have these huge quokka animals which look like a breed between a rat and a rabbit, basically it just looks like a morbidly obese rat, I managed to see two on my cycle round. The bike ride was 24 km, it was the hilliest bike ride of my life, Colleen was past caring about scenery half way through, she kept praying for no more hills but no such luck mwhahaha. We did this bike ride in winter, I can’t imagine the heat in summer, surely you would just die on the way round! The views on Rottnest are amazing and I am sure the snorkelling is too, it was only 19 degrees so by Perth’s standards it was far to cold to get in the water! 9. Coral Bay- I managed to get Steve to take me to Coral Bay, although we only had a couple of days in which to do it due to work, life limitations on our time, dammit. We drove 15hrs, bit slow on the way up due to torrential rain but we eventually arrived in Coral Bay. Driving up through miles upon miles of flat land, red rock, endless acres of outback, makes me realise how empty and massive Australia is, really makes you hope it is worth the drive too! When we arrived we headed straight for a beer and a cider, we sat and looked out across Coral Bay. It was not till the next morning when we got to the beach, the sun shining brightly and sea glistening the awesomeness of Coral Bay hit us. It is literally a cove of paradise, the place where u think it is reasonable to jack in the day job and work as a hippie behind a bar. Spending your days just staring into the vast ocean of blue, watching humpback whales and the sun rise and set everyday. Steve and I decided to do a quad bike tour which included stopping to watch the sunset. We biked around sand dunes and over hills with the most amazing views I have ever seen. I swear every time I head to a new place in Oz and see another beach and an amazing view I say this is my fav, but this one above the coast of Coral Bay was absolutely stunning! In the distance humpback whales were seen, photographs couldn’t even do the view justice. I could have had another two hours of riding, I was mentally closing my eyes (maybe not safe on a quad bike! ) and trying to imprint the views on my memory forever, and just In case I get old timers disease Steve took plenty of pictures. I would of stayed longer, everything in Coral Bay is expensive but definitely worth every kilometre we drove and penny we spent, even my near death death experience on the quad bike was well worth it. 10. Lancelin- Steve and I took a trip up to Lancelin with Heather and Louise. It was 2 hours north of Perth city. We took our body boards ready to sandboard it down death defying dunes, confidence and excitement at the ready we headed off. Lancelins main attraction is sand dunes, when we got there we managed about half hour of sandboarding and then had enough, they weren’t big and daring enough for us brave brave people!! Ha, it was good fun though and at the top of the sand dunes you can see out across to the bay, yet again another lovely view, to drink in and appreciate that nature is a wonderful thing and we mere humans are a speck on the earth of awesomeness. After we sand boarded we headed to the beach which was so very pretty, beautiful waters and jetty which people were fishing off. Not much to do apart from the sandboarding, so great for kids who would do it again and again without getting bored. Heathers friend Louise was rubbish at sandboarding she went at the slowest speed in the world and screamed like she was hurtling at 100 miles hour, I raced Steve as my competitive nature was eager for a stroll around, me and Heather bet him twice mwhahahha! 11. Cotteslow Beach- My favourite beach in Perth, everyday it looks like something straight off a postcard. There are a few bars and cafes in Cotteslow, not much else but the view, the sun, sea and sand is enough. In summer it is great because then I am brave enough to get in the water. Cotteslow doesn’t quite get waves like places such as Scarborough, so it is perfect for families and few waves means you can have a nice swim, I always make sure i’m not he furthest out, just incase a shark gets hungry! 12. Perth bars and restaurants – coming from London Perth is quite small but it has varied bars and restaurants to go to, I have my few faves which I’ll share with you here. Wolf Lane: this has the feel of something you would find in Shoreditch, they do pricey but nicey cocktails (everywhere is pricey though) and on Saturday nights there is a guy who sings and he is really good, if your lucky and get here early you can lounge on a vintage chair, the type you would find in your grandmas living room, listen to tunes and get drunk 🙂 The Mechanics: this is in Northbridge, more dubious, arty side of town, reviews say they do good burgers but I just went for the cocktails and it was good fun. The Stables: My fave bar by far, cocktails are worth the price tag and it is a great atmosphere, it gets very busy though and queues can be massive, unless your me and the bouncer lets you in straight away! The Lucky Shag: Mainly great as it is on the esplanade looking out on the Swan river, great for summer and Sunday drinks, drinks are not to pricey, cocktails are quite nice and food is good too. Hula Bula Bar- I like this bar as it feels like your not in Perth and it is very intimate! Very pricey drinks but they are very alcoholic! Not much of a dance floor but enough for me to get my groove on. The Shed: This is in Northbridge, I ended up there on two drunken nights out and had so much fun. It has a live band and a dance area, when I went last with my cousin there was rock music, we drank and I showed Colleen my best dancing moves! We ended the night with a very funny taxi ride home and me making friends with the toilet basin, quiet nights always turn into the messy ones! The Garden: In Leederville- the Garden is best in summer as it is all outside, so for me The Garden is a great summer haunt, a cold cider and sun on your shoulders, what more do you want? It is a good place to pre drink before you head to Hippie club or the Manor, both dubious places but made better with drink! The Casino- The casino has lots of bars and restaurant, I went there twice and enjoyed myself a lot, not quit a casino like you would find in Las Vegas, minus lots of glitz and glamour and you have Burswood Casino ha. But with good friends and convo it is something different to do, and if you are not Steve and gamble reasonably like me, your go out a little more flush, if you don’t spend it before you get out the door oops! Food wise it is quite pricey in Perth, so we only do it once in a while, we love Grilled as it is a burger place and it is cheap but yummy, they have yummy Gluten free buns. Bella Fonte in Hilary’s boat Harbour, is a pricey excursion but well worth it, Steve always has the chicken parmigiana dish which is twice the size of my head and I went for the risotto every time as it was so yummy! The Breakwater in Hilary’s is nice too, Thursday is good for steak and wine night. The Greenhouse on Hay street is pretty cool, decked out as its name suggests, I ordered fries one lunchtime and they came in a mini shovel! Cute. On Wellington street, nice walking distance from our flat in West Perth is Gordon’s cafe a great place for dinner, I had the beef salad once which was totes amaze. The place is very cool with a nice interior, like a poshed up warehouse, defo worth a gander, gets crazy busy on the weekend. Toast in East Perth is a cafe, I ventured there many times with my friend Chantelle, we went often after our runs as we felt we deserved a good breakkie/ lunch by then. It was on the river which was great as you could sit and get some sun whilst enjoying the view and eating some of the delicious food. Another cafe I enjoyed was Sayers in Leederville, somehow they made mushrooms taste so amazing full of garlicky butteriness, also in Leederville they have Green and co, they sold amazing cake! Slices of heaven on a plate, I don’t recommend the tea there but it attracts a nice crowd of mixed people. Somewhere me and Steve ventured loads was Cicerellos in Fremantle, a fish and chip restaurant in Fremantle Harbour. It has a fantastic view, good value for money and the fish is great, I always order the grilled fish which never disappoints. Two minutes away from Cicerellos is Little Creatures, one of Steves favourite places, it is a brewery and sells Steve’s fav pale ale. The restaurant has a great view over the river and the food is very good too. Little creatures also runs a comedy night at The Loft next door, I went once and it was a good laugh, which was handy as that is what I paid for them to make me do! Laugh god dammit, dance monkey dance. One act was very funny, the headliner I lost track and just kept drinking, I was sure to find him funny after a bottle of wine. There are many more places to sample I am sure and I may have forgot a few, but be prepared to spend, Perth is pricey. On the touristy front, if you want to sample Australia’s vast history, which means find out what happened a few hundred years ago, there is some good tours to do. Australian history is either based on their convict history or aboriginal slaughter. Steve and I did Fremantle person tours, they were good fun, I think the tour guides are worth their money, slightly strange but very informative, they proved a element of entertainment aside from the tour itself. Fremantle and Kings Park have monuments to the World Wars which are worth a gander, especially since they have nice views. Perth’s not quite the historical epicentre so I would probably just stick to visiting all the amazing beaches. One thing you can say about Perth is the weather, it is gorgeous, the sun literally shines everyday, I didn’t need a coat for 9 months, I literally just brought one and that was because I went to Adelaide and it was cold there! Returning I realised how warm Perth is. My time here in Perth has been great, yes it is quieter than London and WA does stand for wait awhile but Perth has much to offer and I’m glad I came, I think though now it is time to plan the next adventure! Time to plan more holidays and get onto the next destination on my list of Life. Thank you for having me Perth and thank you to all the friends I made! I will always remember my ice cream cake Gemma, bbqs on the beach and Chantelle my fitspiration and for some great nights out. Peace out Perth.