Letting Go

I am angry at you for just letting go
Slipping through your fingers
Time and memories sinking through the fog
I know I am the one who forced the goodbyes
But I suppose I thought you would at least try

You say you have some growing up to do
Maybe you are not wrong
It is just a shame you used our time as a practice run

I never demanded or asked too much
I was the cool girlfriend
But maybe at times I was something I was not
I gave you pieces of me,
I compromised in the name of love
but in my head I always thought,
I gave away too much

Then you say, you are not sure
Those words slice,
Cut through my heart
You say I deserve the best
Well I thought the best was you
But now I’m sure
I deserve more.

Years of my life feel like a waiting room

Looking back , I know we held on too long
Now I am tending the cuts and bruises on my hands and my soul
One day these wounds won’t feel so fresh or so deep
And one day I will be able to look at a man the way I used to look at you
But at times I am not sure I will ever be that girl again
Who falls in love so blindly
Throws caution to the wind
Now I have built some walls, for the next person that ventures in.