Love – A note of Love


Life and love come hand in hand, the path of course to find love is a tricky one, it is fraught with notions, ideas, emotions, tempers, ideals, dreams, needs, wants, fragility and so much more, the path travelled is worn, never a dusty road on the journey that we travel call love. Love comes to many people at different stages in ones life, sometimes it creeps up on us, sometimes it happens all at once, sometimes we fall in love to fall out of love, some loves are transient and some seem like they were meant to last, some loves are young loves, and some loves aren’t loves at all, some loves are but building blocks or pieces to a puzzle, because one day after trails and tribulations, we will see and say, ‘now that is love and I want that love,’ But first my friend it must be found.

Like a needle in a haystack true love is hard to find, I’m not talking handsome men on white horses and love at first sight, I mean the love that comes in finding that person, they might have flaws aplenty, but they understand and they laugh with you, they don’t care that you don’t look your best always and that you are not your best person all the time, they appreciate you and they have fun with you, true love isn’t between the sheets but between the minds, it’s between the glances of looking in each other’s souls and loving each other anyway.


Letting Go

I am angry at you for just letting go
Slipping through your fingers
Time and memories sinking through the fog
I know I am the one who forced the goodbyes
But I suppose I thought you would at least try

You say you have some growing up to do
Maybe you are not wrong
It is just a shame you used our time as a practice run

I never demanded or asked too much
I was the cool girlfriend
But maybe at times I was something I was not
I gave you pieces of me,
I compromised in the name of love
but in my head I always thought,
I gave away too much

Then you say, you are not sure
Those words slice,
Cut through my heart
You say I deserve the best
Well I thought the best was you
But now I’m sure
I deserve more.

Years of my life feel like a waiting room

Looking back , I know we held on too long
Now I am tending the cuts and bruises on my hands and my soul
One day these wounds won’t feel so fresh or so deep
And one day I will be able to look at a man the way I used to look at you
But at times I am not sure I will ever be that girl again
Who falls in love so blindly
Throws caution to the wind
Now I have built some walls, for the next person that ventures in.


Song……..A Woman Scorned


I thought love was for the movies

The stars in the big screens

l thought love was romance novels and magazines

I thought love was for other people and that couple next door

I thought Love was in fairy tales

Nothing I had ever seen before

You were handsome and charming

Quite hard to believe

I thought maybe I was just a reprieve

I was hesitant and cautious

And slightly afraid

But I couldn’t stop myself, I wanted to see you more everyday

At first I tried to tell myself, you were just a fling

Just a casual thing

But you had me from the start

You said hello and you caught my heart.

Now you say: Baby it’s not working anymore

I’m confused and a little  stumbled

I never knew you felt this way

You hush me and put your finger to my lips

You state there is nothing to say, life has pulled us in different ways

Hell have no fury like a woman scorned.

You hurt me now so baby

… be warned

You hurt me and I feel it

It’s like a river to my soul

I’m drowning in the current

I need a helping hand but you’ve given up on coming in

I used to be one of those happy people

Smiling on the tube, I’d give up  my seat for anyone

As I was busy thinking of you

In bars and clubs I could say I was taken

A smug smile on my face

I had you to come home to after all this rat race

And you  were always the who told me I was cynical, to have a little faith

You were the one who told me to give love a try

Stop laughing in its face

So now I wonder how I am the one here alone

I’m drinking wine and prank calling you on my mobile phone

No dignity or integrity

All gone in a drunken haze

I’ll wake up tomorrow and I promise myself I am going to start a brand new day