Mirror Mirror

Poem for all those people who hate their job

Today my friend heather was complaining about her job and how she feels drained. So, I had a moment and penned a little rhyme for her.

I looked in the mirror yesterday;
I was tired, my eyes were grey.
Life and work is tugging at my skin
And dragging me down,
The storm clouds rolling in.
I love to work to earn,
The money I plan to burn.

Why am I here at the office chair
Way past the hour I ever agreed,
Pushing paper, from tray to tray,
Wishing my long day away.

Today I saw myself in the mirror I braved,
What happened to that girl,
Who had inspiration to forge forward everyday,
The smog clouds ate her up;
My horrid boss took my soul
And told me darling girl now, this is mine to hold.


Love Is

I wrote this for my friends wedding and thought I would share with you ….

Love is hard to define,
Like religion and God it’s something we can’t determine.
I can’t touch it to tell you it is there,
I can’t hear it to tell you it is there,
I can’t smell it to say yes it is there,
I can’t see love, it’s not a thing we can all observe through one eye.
It’s not a object or a tangible item to view; love is not atoms or molecules to quantify.

Love is not words to digest and rearrange, love is not for our hands to feel and mould to a clay,
But here today we gather to celebrate love, to watch love unite, watch love make smiles on faces and tears in eyes. Today love has a future in the hands of two, love is being promised and vowed.

No one disagrees love is not here but how?

Love is a stranger in the street,
Sometimes he makes an appearance out of nowhere, takes your hand and says, you were never alone, I was always here, you just weren’t looking, but now you see me and I see you.
From that moment it’s hard to turn away, I’m sure your moment was special and this day will be as special, even more than the day you realised you found your soulmate.

Love is a bond and a energy that words can never describe by the best scholar or academic,
It makes us silly and irrational,
It makes us very high and sometimes very low,
It makes us think that the greatest things are yet to come

Love is there for you through the good and the bad
Love loves you even when you can’t love yourself
Love tells you you are special
Love tells you that insecurities are a waste of time, love says I’m your best friend It’s says relax now, laugh with me, cry with me, joke with me, play with me, Love says be yourself and I’ll be here, Never look behind, trust me I won’t leave, I’m yours forever

So love is a more than a feeling, the word love alone doesn’t even begin to describe the depth that it’s felt.

So who cares it can’t be measured …… Because we measure it with the breaths it takes away,
We measure it with the moments that are frozen in time
And we measure it with the footprints on our soul.

So, here today u pledge together, although romance will vary through the thoroughfare and experiences will come high and low, despite the rocky hills that the road sure has for us, that we shall walk them together, never leaving the other behind, holding hands till the end of time.

London Love


I wonder if you see me looking at you
Because I saw you
@ ten to 9 waiting on the Piccadilly line
U shirt was done up tight,
ready for the corporate fight
I wonder if like me
You wish this would all go away
If the train could lead us to a brand new way of life

A day where are shirts are not pressed
And our alarms didn’t wake @ 6
If we did not have see the same old faces
Making tea and small talk to pass the hours in the day
I wonder if like me u wish the world spun a different way.

I wonder if u see me looking at you
Because I saw you at 10 to 9 waiting on the Piccadilly line
Ur shirt was done up tight, ready for the corporate fight
I wonder if your like me
You wish this would all go away
If the train could lead us to a brand new way of life.

The chains of the office room chair
Show on the faces of the morning commuters in despair
When the world is so vast
Why tie ourselves to the grind
The oceans spread out before us
like a blanket on a summers lawn,
The sun is shining on the future, I can see it now, a future where I can roam the world
And I wonder if u see me looking at you
Because I saw you at ten to 9 waiting in the Piccadilly line
Your shirt was done up tight
Ready for the corporate fight,
I wonder if you are like me
You wish this would all go away
Only if the train could lead us to a brand new way of life.

Laying in wait

I’m not cold or hardened
I’m just not sure
I’m uncertain of what love is anymore
I can’t touch it to tell you it is there
It is like a legend, a fable
A story told that’s fades like a wisp on the cold morning air.

I have felt it and embraced it
but now the feelings gone
Once it engulfed me, now it is a haze on the horizon,
sand shifting in a desert storm

I’m worried it has passed me
Rushing through like hurried bodies
leaving me with muddy prints,
Left is just a tiny reminder
That yes love once was here

Sometimes I crave an intimate hand
To hold me not for a second but four
For physical contact to mean something deeper,
something more

But I’m scared of the next person
They have a lot of work to do
I’m not sure I’m ready to commit
to being that person that doesn’t fit

I’m done with taking my feelings and brushing them down,
so when I hurt you
or leave early In the morning
Maybe I don’t take your number or text you back
Please don’t be hurt

I’m just watching my back

Today at work ……

Today I thought that I didn’t want to be a nurse




I saw a child cry and her parents weep, I saw sadness that was beyond skin deep.
I saw the inside of someone’s soul today,
There was no turning away,
I held their hand, as the surgeon said
She has 20 per cent chance to make it through
So when she went to surgery I prayed with you.
The hours stretched like the horizon on the sea, endless and boundless,
No eye can see, I prepared and worried and hoped the best for you
But she came back sicker than we thought, you all had a battle
That was only starting to be fought.

So I worked for hours no break you see, I had no time between infusions and fluids, medications and fears, holding out tissues for falling tears.
I’m here to untangle the medical jargon that the surgeons and doctors say,
So u know how your child is doing today;
Is the adrenaline off, have we weaned her vent,
All this questions never relent
You pray to god as the world goes by; down there they don’t realize up here someone might die

So you thank me for my shift, say hope to see you tomorrow.
All I can think is, what did I do today?
I kept your daughter alive for maybe a day more, I kept her comfortable maybe no more, I wish my power extended beyond that, I wish I could magic all things right
But I’m just a nurse, no magically skills and when thank me I feel like a fraud because ur child’s still ill.

Dear Friend

I have been wondering how you are my friend
I have not seen you for a while
I fear you have been hiding
Lost to the world
Laying your head on your pillow
Letting the world get to much
I have told you I am here
But I don’t think you heard my voice
You say you feel your drowning
But you won’t take my hand
Did you see me standing there
Because I have been there all along

Your not alone my friend I see you
One day your see me too
One day the world won’t feel so heavy
Or a burden on your skin
The sky won’t suffocate you
And your start to let people in

So you have been smoking cigarettes and it is fogging up the room
You cannot organise your thoughts
Because your soul is bruised
You have been drinking more everyday
Hoping to world would just leave, just fade away

Your in a empty room, but you feel crowded with the things you have done wrong and those who have wronged you
No space for breathing, but please my friend, do not be leaving
Because I do, I see you

I know people say the pain will fade and you do not believe a word they say
How can you clean a wound so very deep?
I have no words of wisdom or rooms of solitude,
I just have life my dear friend, so join me now

The Grass is Greener

Hi, below is a short poem about always thinking things are better, in life as u get older you soon realize to count your blessings! working as a nurse I am reminded every single day of how lucky I am to have the friends, family and bf that I have. It’s important people to take stock and realize even when times are low you probably have someone to turn to. So when your feeling sad or blue, take a moment to count your blessings and your realize, that person over there may be richer and fancier or have things that you aspire to have; but what really counts is what you can touch and feel!! And sometimes like the poem says….. if you ever reach the other side, it’ll look different and your notice things close up that you never noticed before, sometimes life can be a bit like a mosaic, sometimes things look great from far aware but close up it’s a million different pieces !!

The grass is greener on the other side

The sun shines bright in other lives

The days seem longer

And the dark doesn’t cloud your fears

Everything is a wonder on the other side

Trying to smell the grass that smells so rare to you

Trying to touch the sun before it burns

Oh everything is a wonder on the other side

But the sun always burns if you get to close

And the grass doesn’t stay green the  whole year through

The other side may seem a different world but just ask that person

Who stands across looking to you

Ask him the colour of the grass today you might be surprised to hear what he has to say.